Contextual advertising

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Contextual advertising google adwords is an effective Internet marketing tool that focuses on “their” audience. That is, PPC advertising will be shown only to those users who are interested in it. The page context is taken into account and the analysis of user searches is performed. Google Adwords ads are considered unobtrusive because they are only shown to a specific interest group.

Why it is profitable to work with us



From the harmonization of the semantic core to the daily monitoring of statistics



We collect detailed statistics about your competitors using various data collection services



Before starting advertising, we analyze the pages of your site to improve their usability

Frequently asked Questions

The cost of PPC depends on the rates of competitors. The bid must be competitive - then your ad will be shown more often.
Since SEO promotion is not a fast process, you can advertise your site if it is new through PPC. So your site will be more likely to see it.
Advertising is displayed only on relevant requests, and not shown to everyone indiscriminately

Operating principle

If you decide to order contextual advertising in Alex +, then it is important to understand how it works. When the contextual advertising is correctly configured, it begins to be displayed in response to search queries. The location at one place or another at the top of the organic SERP depends on the cost per click.


Google contextual advertising is working on an auction basis. The more the advertiser is willing to pay for each click, the higher his ad will be.


The main nuance, the price of such an advertising campaign does not depend on the number of impressions, but on transitions to the advertiser’s page. Here it all depends on the quality of the resource and goods. But if the user clicked and came to the site, then he is probably ready to make a purchase or at least get acquainted with the assortment. Ordering ads is as easy as receiving dividends from it.


It’s worth ordering the setting of contextual advertising because it has the following advantages:

  • Versatility. Suitable for any product that is searched on the Internet.
  • Efficiency. Ads will be visible only to those users who are interested in a product, service.
  •  Accuracy of reaching the target audience.
  • Payment for the result. Pay only for real conversions. And how much advertising costs, you can determine for yourself, limiting the region, time and other parameters.
  • Campaign flexibility. Having ordered the setting of advertising in google adwords from us, you can edit the ad at any time, change the bid per click, list of keywords.
  •     Completeness of information. The search engine offers powerful statistical tools. It will be possible to track the reaction to keywords, control the expenditure of the advertising budget, pause and resume the campaign.
  •     The breadth of coverage. You can connect many search phrases to one advertising campaign.


Services for setting up ppc advertising is one of the main specialization of our agency, so you can be sure of the result.

You can order low-cost turnkey contextual advertising in Kiev, Kharkov, Dnipro, Odessa, Zaporozhye, Lviv, Nikolaev, Kherson and any other city in Ukraine.