Online store

The future of online trading

Creating an online store with a user-friendly interface that is clear to visitors is very important if you strive to develop in this cell. Everyone understands that today many purchases are made through the Internet and the opening of such a point is more profitable and convenient than a physical store. Creating a turnkey online store website is one of our most requested services, our development web resources are already working successfully in Kiev, Kharkov, Dnieper, Odessa, Zaporozhye, Lviv, Nikolaev, Kherson.

Stages of creation

Having decided to order an online store from scratch, it is worthwhile to learn in more detail how all this happens. Important development steps:

1. Investigation of the client’s business.

2. Developing of technical specifications, according to which a resource is created. 3. Actually development – structure, design, layouts.

3. The creation of a turnkey online store includes  SEO promotion.

4. Test and launch.

5.    It would seem that the creation does not include many stages, but it is the professional that is very different from the amateur.

What should be on the site?

We produce the pages of the online store according to certain rules. That is, there are specific sections that are mandatory. Among them:

• Home page, payment, delivery, guarantees, contacts. They will give the visitor comprehensive information on how convenient it will be for him to order the goods. And is it worth it to do this with a particular seller.

• The product catalog is divided into categories. It  provides convenience for the visitor and potential buyers.

• In the description of each product you should have a button “order”.

• Availability of a basket of orders and simple checkout. To make the site profitable, it is worth taking care that making a purchase is really easy.


We think that you have already decided on the question “where to order”. But about the cost of development, most likely you want to know more. For new stores that seek to develop on the Internet, the price of creation is perhaps the most important criterion.

So the cost of creating depends on:

  • Site size – the number of products for which a description is needed.
  • Text size.
  • The need for professional photography.
  • Resource orientation, that is, its adaptability for different types of devices.
  • Development of special features and functionality, for example, a personal account, linking to banking operations, functions of comparing goods, etc. Of course, a convenient and functional resource cannot be inexpensive, because a lot of work needs to be done with it. Remember that when you ask how much a site costs, you also evaluate its productivity and profitability in the future.